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pastiche of anxiety caused by the media


The story is set in a mental hospital, or – in other words - everywhere.
The performance, prepared by the students of the IX Academy for Theatre Practices is an expedition into the depths, but also across - through the jungle of information and newspaper news.
For more than half a year students waded through dozens of articles in the press and they put the scariest, strangest and funniest into one script. Situations, events, characters – they tried to lure them from paper, save from their flat form and give them a new life. To the things which are perfunctory, abstract, informative – they restored all dimensions, and added their own fears, phobias and obsessions.

And then they passed it through a special - insane - (over) sensitivity, almost as through a lens that refracts, but sharpens as well. So, what is ridiculous and bizarre, revealed also its sad side, and what is terrible and repulsive - showed its comic or grotesque face. And even then - they tried to add tempo and rhythm on top of everything.

Subsequently one has to sheepishly ask oneself, whether a mental hospital is a model of the world, or the world is a model of a mental hospital?



Script: Kajetan Mojsak

Supervision: Włodzimierz Staniewski

Cast: Anna Bochnak, Stanisław Górski, Krzysztof Dziwny, Aleksandra Mikulska, Emilia Raiter, Patryk Kuś



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